Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Farm 2010, Part One

The trees along the driveway are huge, but they're looking more old and mangy than they used to. Still, it's where many of us first learned to drive. Dad was always happy to stop and let his 10 year old drive up to the house. (My apologies for the picture quality on many of these photos.)
They owners planted spruce trees along the front pasture and now they're huge. This is me peeking through them to catch a glimpse of the house. The front pasture is neglected and forgotten about.

I decided to walk to Ice Age trail to see if I could get a better look at the house in a less creepy manner. This is actually where I ran into the owner while she was walking her dogs. (She didn't see me taking pictures, thankfully.) I struck up conversation and she was delighted to invite me over. She took me into the house and walked me all through the property. It was a dream.

The kennel is now her "animal barn". She has chickens, geese and rosters in there. She sells the eggs and has the front room of the kennel set up like a little shop for the eggs. The inside looks almost exactly the same.

The milk house. I was disappointed to see this little house in disrepair. I didn't have the heart to ask her what she planned to do with it because they took out the studio years ago.

The Rose bathroom. It's still the same, as is much of the house. She kept all of Mom's wallpaper up. All the floors are the same, except the yellow bathroom. She took out that pretty tile that was in there and replaced it with vinyl. I don't get that.

It still comes out.

All of the rock planters and the fire pit are gone. The screen house is gone too and she put a lodge pole swing on the cement slab.

This is coming from the door on the lower part of the barn. Notice the aluminium siding on the barn. The inside looks the same except for the lower garage part. They made a two story, heated, insulated "man cave" in there. They took out the floor of the hay loft and put in a two story garage door. But the barn smelled exactly the same. It was a good smell. The pigeon coop is still there too.

I'm sure most of you remember sitting in the living room looking out the bay window during the snowy winter at the fireworks across the street. I was told that Bartolotta's is no longer allowed to test there fireworks there. The neighbors complained.
Also, Fran was in the guest house until three years ago. They took care of her and never raised her rent. The encouraged her to go live with her son because her health was so bad. The guest house is being redone by their son, who will then live in it. Sorry no picture of that.
I'll post the rest as soon as I can.