Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've hit a wall.

So, I haven't blogged for over a month, not that I believe people are out there actively wondering what we're up to...besides my mom. The only thing that I had worth mentioning was this...

That's a folder sheet there, but not just any sheet...it's a fitted sheet. That's the best work I've ever done on a fitted sheet, and even my husband praised my work. (I thought he was teasing me at first, but I think he was really serious.) I know it's not Martha Stewart worthy, but it's not the worst I've seen either.

And then there's the lizard who helped me with my groceries one day. I was in and out of the house with armfuls of bags and just after I shut the door I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. Not the kind of movement you want to see, like you daughter twirling or your spouse picking up a wet towel. It was, "Oh crap, what the heck is that!?!" kind of movement. When I saw this little guy he was just standing facing the door I had just closed behind me. I stood a moment and thought that maybe this little boyscout was just helping with the groceries and found himself caught inside when I shut the door. So, I opened it and then he walked out. That was that. I was thankful that no brooms, chasing or dramatic squishing was involved.

So, that's it. When I say I avoid a busy lifestyle, I mean it. Other people blog about their great beach vacations and there accomplished kids, but me...all I've got is a well adjusted lizard and a neat linen closet.